Immerse yourself in the effervescent world of fashion and discover all the exciting stages involved in its creation. With total creative freedom and a few inspiring rules, you'll learn how to bring your boldest ideas to life. Fashion is much more than just a piece of clothing, it's a story, a style that defines us. Join us and reveal your unique style - even if you don't know it yet, it's just waiting to blossom!


With Marija:

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10


With Marija:

S1-S7 : Monday, 16h10 -17h30

1st semester:

In Semester 1, students will be free to experiment with a variety of artistic techniques, encouraging free expression and the sharing of ideas without judgement. This activity will give them the satisfaction of creating beautiful drawings and collages and acquiring new artistic skills. The aim is to raise each child’s awareness of art and their individual artistic potential.
Respect for the creativity and work of each individual is an essential value that is carefully cultivated. The creative process is valued as much as the end result, providing a space in which each child can flourish. This workshop is dedicated to artistic experimentation, raising awareness of art and valuing each individual’s creativity.

2nd semester:

During the 2nd half term, the aim is to learn how to give shape to matter, to shape it and master it by giving free rein to one’s imagination and will. Children are encouraged to work independently and build their own models. They are given the opportunity to create prototypes, realised or personalised models individually or in groups.