Garden, nature and discovery

Want to understand the rhythm of the seasons and what our earth needs? Come and join the "vegetable garden, nature and discovery" activity and harvest the products you have put in the ground!


With Isabelle:

P1-P2 : Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The objective of the first semester will be to develop a new vegetable garden, how to enrich the soil, how to work it and to become familiar with the tools.

Understanding the rhythm of the seasons, what the earth needs to give us beautiful vegetables and flowers. Children will already be planting winter vegetables and some bulbous flowers. They will also have to learn to mulch to protect the soil from frost.

If the weather does not allow us to work outside, we will take cuttings from houseplants or do nature crafts as well as herbs that can be grown in pots and kept indoors. Sprouting an avocado pit is one of the experiments planned for bad weather.

2nd semester

The aim of the second semester is to become more independent and to learn how to do the right things in the spring garden.

The children will learn how to sow seedlings which will be transplanted as soon as the first fine days arrive after the night frost.  Each week they will give birth to beautiful vegetable shoots from seeds that they will have the pleasure of seeing grow.  The children will notice that watering, mulching and weeding are the main concerns of the gardener, and they will also learn how to control pests in an organic and natural way. Understanding the friendly plants that naturally benefit each other.

Children will also learn how to make nettle manure which will be a very effective natural fertilizer. Some vegetables will need stakes which we will put in place. They will harvest the produce they put in the ground as they go along. If the children want to bring seeds or seedlings to plant, they are always welcome to do so!