Well-being workshop

"After an intense day at school, do you need to unwind and find yourself in a calm space where relaxation is the key word? The well-being workshop offers you the chance to discover meditation, yoga and mindfulness!"

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The workshop introduces students to mindfulness and yoga as tools for well-being.
It also introduces them to creative exercises linked to the practice of meditation, as a means of relaxation and self-awareness through ‘art journaling’.
The aim of the workshop is to enable students to create a personal toolbox, useful in the event of stress or difficult emotions, and also to learn more about their strengths and improve their self-confidence.

1st semester:

The aim of the first semester is to discover mindfulness with an initial guided meditation.
The first sessions explore breathing techniques that can be practised both at school and at home, learning the different yoga postures, and discovering “art journaling” and artistic media.

The first semester is also devoted to learning about emotions and stress: how to welcome them, understand them and how to act or react?


2nd semester:

The aim of the second semester is to deepen the tools of mindfulness. The guided meditations offered are longer.
Students then have the opportunity to create :
– Their own personal meditation: one that helps them find calm and serenity.
– Their own toolbox to use at school and at home to deal with stress and difficult emotions.

The exercises linked to well-being are more elaborate in the second part of the year. A sequence of yoga postures is taught, as well as meditative art exercises (mandala, zentangle, etc.) and art journal exercises (my dreams, my qualities).
At the end of the year, each student creates a personalised art journal.