"Looking to have fun playing darts with your friends? Whether they have played before or not, this activity will allow children to learn all the secrets of this game to win. Darts is a mixture of skill, concentration and not forgetting a small dose of strategy."

Activity not launched

The aim of the activity is to learn the game of darts. The children will become familiar with the rules of the game and safety.

To improve their game, the children will need to be familiar with the equipment, such as the wall dartboard and the darts, and the scoring system. Also the children will discover winning strategies and work on their techniques. They will also be introduced to some vocabulary words, such as the famous “Bull’s Eye”…

At the end of the year, small tournaments will be organised. The children’s competitive spirit will be stimulated and their mental calculation skills will be improved. They will have to use their mathematical knowledge to calculate their points and those of their opponents.

Playing darts is a good way to unwind after a day at school and to develop many skills, such as accuracy, dexterity, concentration and mental calculation.