Ready to improve you powers of expression in public ? Or are you simply curious to learn more about theatre, dance, and singing? Join the musical activity that combines all three disciplines! It's an excellent way for children to increase their self-confidence, develop their creativity, and express their personality!


With Joanne

P3-P5 : Tuesday, 15h10-16h10

1st Semester:

The objective of the first semester is to break down the barriers between students and give them the necessary confidence to express themselves freely in front of others.

At the beginning of the year, the children will be introduced to theatre, dance, and singing, combining all three disciplines to discover what musical theatre is all about.

Several exercises will be offered on various themes: improvisation workshops, exercises such as “the dream machine” or “the ABC story” where imagination is stimulated, learning voice development techniques and public speaking.

This activity allows children to develop their ability to act, dance, and sing, all at the same time!

2nd Semester:

The objective of the second semester is to learn how a musical theatre production is created and to develop one as a group, combining everyone’s ideas, desires, and personalities.

This involves a brainstorming workshop and then writing. Afterwards, students work on staging, choreography, casting, and finally rehearsals leading up to the final performance presented at the end of the school year during the Performing Arts Day!