Test phase: We are currently conducting a series of tests on all our activities. We encourage you to navigate through our app to get used to this new access system. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or remarks.


APEEE BRU IV” is the mobile app developed by the Parents’ Association of the European School Brussels IV to manage its transport, canteen and extracurricular activities services.

You can download it from your smartphone on Google Play (Android) or on the App Store (iOS). This access system will keep you informed in real time of your child’s presence in our services.

Our ” APEEE BRU IV ” app aims at facilitating the use of our services and consists in managing your child’s access to the transport, the canteen and the cafeterias as well as the extracurricular activities.

If you do not have our APEEE BRU IV app yet:

  1. Download the application by browsing for “APEEE BRU IV” on your smartphone, in your App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your username and password. To get them, please send us an email periscolaire@bru4.eu with the objectAPEEE BRU IV – App – Login” asking for your password for the app. Note that you will have access to all our services in our application.
  3. Once in the app, click on the “Extracurricular” section and find your child’s information.

If you do already have our APEEE BRU IV app:

That’s great! You can now find information about your child’s extracurricular activities service in our “Extracurricular” section.

What is the purpose of using our app?

What is the purpose of using our app?

After your child has arrived at the périscolaire meeting point, his/her monitor will scan his/her token with a reader, which will activate his/her presence in our system and will be directly visible in the application thanks to your parent profile.

You will also be notified if your child did not show up for his/her activity.

How the application works with the school's token

Our application is working through the token issued by the school to all students. This token must be activated by our system before using our services. To do so, please send us an email (periscolaire@bru4.eu) with your child’s name, lastname and class. Your child may also come directly to our offices (D building only for now) to have his/her token activated manually. The token is linked to a parent account to be created via the “APEEE BRU IV” app.

The token is valid from M1 to S7 and does not have to be renewed every year. Hence, if your child’s token has already been activated, you can continue to use our services.

Lost token?

Let us know as soon as possible.

Also inform the school secretariat of the cycle concerned so that the IT department can deactivate the lost token. Ask them at the same time to issue a new card and come to our offices to activate this card.