Meditation and emotions discovery

Need to calm down after a day of learning at school? Have you ever felt emotions that you couldn't understand or manage? Then this is the activity for you! The aim of the workshop is to introduce children to mindfulness and explore the fabulous world of emotions through games, drawing and children's literature.

Activity not launched

1st semester:

The aim of the first term is to discover mindfulness with an initial guided meditation.
The first sessions explore simple breathing techniques that can be practised both at school and at home, as well as the different families of emotions.

2nd semester:

The aim of the second semester is to deepen the tools of mindfulness. The guided meditations offered are longer.
Students then have the opportunity to create their own personal meditation: one that helps them to rediscover calm and serenity.
Pupils learn what emotions are and how to deal with them through fun exercises such as :
– games (board games, theatre and mime, etc.)
– art (painting, collage, drawing, etc.)
– children’s literature

At the end of the year, each pupil creates their own personal toolbox to use at school and at home in the event of stress or intense emotions.