Drawing technics : Manga & creatures

Are you passionate about manga drawing? Or do you want to find out how to create your own manga? Then this activity is for you!
You'll discover the fundamental techniques of manga drawing, create characters and supernatural creatures and then put them on stage!


With Cindy :
P3-P5: Monday, 15h10-16h10

The aim of this drawing workshop focusing on manga is to develop children’s artistic skills and familiarise them with the basic techniques of drawing and creating characters. Learning to draw manga is an excellent activity for children who are interested in Japanese culture, animation and “webtoons” (Comics read on digital tools).

1st semester:

The aim of the first term is to teach children basic drawing techniques such as proportions, perspective, shapes, textures, composition and design. They will practise facial expressions, stylised hair and the dynamic movements of manga characters and supernatural creatures.

The learning continues with an exploration of the different forms of supernatural creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, trolls and vampires.

Throughout the sessions, the children create their own characters, using their imagination and creativity. They draw sketches, develop them as they learn different techniques and build their stories around their imaginary characters.

2nd semester:

The aim of the second semester is to develop drawing techniques such as shading and the use of different media such as pencils, pastels, felt-tips etc… The characters created then become more detailed and textured.

At the end of the year, the children share their manga plates and supernatural creatures with the rest of the group.