Pedagogical Vision

Knowledge must be contagious, because unlike diseases, you don’t die from it!

Cindy, developed a passion for narrative art and drawing, reality and its representation at an early age.

Since her childhood, she has had a taste for learning and a need to share it.

She never stopped doodling during her studies, even if her preoccupations at the time were more scientific. She studied at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technologies in La Rochelle (France), then at the “Ecole Supérieure Europeenne de l’Image” in Poitiers, where she experimented with different media, producing especially an animated film in 3D and motion capture with textures.

She created a comics and illustrations fanzine with fellow artists, and took part in various art fairs and collectives, as well as competitions! Cindy also supervised the artistic direction of a “toon opera” (cartoon interacting with musicians on stage). She now works in the publishing sector, lettering manga, and also practises fencing, a discipline that has a lot in common with drawing.

Her aim is to pass on her knowledge of art, so that children can understand how images are created, read them and make them.

Langues : FR – EN