Transport – Covid case in your child’s bus ?

  • Did you receive a communication from us stating that we have received notifications of children testing positive for Covid-19 on some of our buses and that your child is on at least one of the affected buses? 

We are sending you this email for informational purposes. For more details, please see our FAQ section below.

It is important that everyone (parents, bus monitors, drivers, students) wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth at the bus stops, when getting on the bus, during the journey, and when getting off the bus. 

You can consult our sanitary measures, in our “Covid-19” tab >



I don’t think my child is concerned – I don’t recognise any of the bus numbers mentioned in the communication:

If you are not sure which bus number your child is on, check your transport order on our online registration website > 

I don’t understand your email: my child did not take the bus during the period mentioned in the communication: 

This communication is based on registrations, not on attendance on a particular day. Please disregard our communication. 

Can you tell me if my child was sitting next to an infected child? 

No, as previously communicated, since the reopening of ticket sales and the authorisation for secondary students to take the 3.20 pm bus departure and for nursery and primary students to take the 4.10 pm buses after the extracurricular activities, we are no longer in a position to continue assigning fixed seats in our buses. 

Students are grouped by level: nursery in the front, primary behind them and secondary at the back of the bus.

What should I do regarding your message?

We are sending you this communication for information purposes only. Please find all the recommendations to be followed according to the different cases of exposure by clicking here >

The transport service will not impose any quarantine and the decision to follow these recommendations lies with each parent.

To see the school’s management of cases and contacts, please click here >