Transport – 1st departure allowed for S3-S7

As mentioned in our communication of 14 September, we would like to inform you that, provided the following procedure is followed, your child in S3-S7 can now take the first departure at 3:20pm.

To do so, students from S3 to S7 must first go to the transport office during the morning break to receive the relevant authorisation. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Write a note in the school agenda stating that your child (first and last name) may leave the school at 3:20pm.
  2. Indicate in this note the bus number and the 1st departure corresponding bus stop code.
  3. Ask your child to come to the transport office (building S – 1st floor) during the morning break to have your authorisation validate (APEEE Transport stamp).
  4. Only then your child will be authorised to get on the bus upon presentation of the note and stamp and subject to the condition that free seats are available once all the children of 1st departure (Nursery to S2) are seated.

In view of this new provision, combined with the extracurricular activities pupils who take the 2nd departure bus at 4:10pm, the children who occasionally travel on our lines thanks to our ticket system as well as those who are not present every day (e.g. learning support classes), the preventive operational measure of assigning fixed seats on our buses will no longer be possible.

Therefore, in the event of a confirmed Covid case on a bus, the transport service will continue to inform all the parents of the concerned bus and will refer them to the website which contains all the recommendations to be followed according to the different cases of exposure. The transport service will not impose any quarantine and the decision to follow these recommendations lies with each parent.

To consult our sanitary measures, please visit our Covid section >