Transport – Back to school 2021

The start of the new school year is just around the corner and we are very happy to have you back!

EEBIV will resume in situ classes for all students as of September 1, 2021.

Our transport service will therefore operate from Wednesday, September 1, 2021, in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Please find below details of your stops and timetables, our Covid measures, the 3:20pm departure for S3 to S7 students and our mobile app.

  • Bus stops and times

Your child may take the bus at the stops and times indicated in his/her registration >

IMPORTANT: Please remind your child of his/her morning and afternoon bus number(s). 

  • Covid-19 measures

Our sanitary measures are like those put in place last year: 

  1. In the morning when boarding, if the bus has a rear or middle door, students will have to board through the rear door, without exception.
  2. From 6 September 2021, the seat occupied by a student will become their fixed seat– all students must always occupy the same seat on the bus;
  3. All students will have to wear a mask while on the bus: when getting on the bus, during the journey, and when getting off the bus. Children not wearing masks will not be allowed to board the bus.  It is the responsibility of parents to provide a mask to their children – and a spare one – and to show them how to wear and store it safely.
  4. All students should clean their hands before boarding the bus. Bus monitors will also be in possession of hydroalcoholic gel.
  5. All drivers and bus monitors will also be wearing masks. Bus monitors will be authorized to help nursery students fasten their seatbelts, put their masks back on if they fall off and get off the bus.
  6. On the return trip, children will get out through the rear door of the vehicle if there are two doors. Otherwise, they will exit through the front door.
  • S3-S7 students and 3:20pm departure

If your child is in secondary (S3 to S7), the 3:20pm departure does not appear in his/her order. Children from M1 to S2, who finish school at 3:05pm, have indeed priority for the 1st bus departure. 

Due to the sanitary situation and the measures put in place by our service – see point above – your child in S3-S7 will not be able to take the 1st departure bus at 3:20pm until further notice. The allocation of fixed seats on our buses does not allow us to offer this possibility. We will keep you informed when we can welcome your S3-S7 children on our 1st departure lines again.


As some of you already know, the APEEE has a mobile application “APEEE BRU IV“. This app, which is currently used for our canteen service, will be extended to our transport service (and soon extracurricular activities service) to offer you a new access system. Tests are planned on all our lines and will be carried out progressively during the month of September so that our bus monitors can also get used to this new system. Please inform your child so that he/she has his/her school token or badge – once these have been issued by the school – so that we can carry out these tests.

If you do not have our APEEE BRU IV app yet:

  1. Download the application by browsing for “APEEE BRU IV” on your smartphone, in your App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your username and password. To get them, please send us an email with the objectAPEEE BRU IV – App – Login” asking for your password for the app.
    Note that you will have access to all our services in our application.
  3. Once in the app, click on the “Transport” section where you will soon find your child’s information.

If you do already have our APEEE BRU IV app:

That’s great! You will soon find information about your child’s transport service in our “Transport” section. 

We encourage you to navigate through our app as of September to get used to this new access system. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or remarks.

You can find all details about our mobile app by clicking here >

Please note that during the first days, our buses may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding. 

Note that extracurricular activities will start on 1 October 2021 for all pupils (nursery, primary and secondary).

We wish you a good school start!