Class representatives election 2021-2022

Please find below the video and message sent on behalf of the APEEE in view of the election of class representatives during the “Back to School”-meetings.

The elected Info class representative should send the following information for him/her and the other elected class representatives to family name, first name, class, email address, parent of *name and first name of your child* and role.

IMPORTANT: you can only become a class representative for one class even if you have children in other classes.

Dear parents, dear class representative,

First of all, welcome back to a new school year, amid a difficult and uncertain Covid-19 situation.

Once again, every class needs to elect 4 class representatives. This will take place during the Back to School meetings which, in view of the Covid-19 situation, will take place on Microsoft TEAMS.

The APEEE has asked the school direction for the meeting to start with the election of class representatives, to enable for all parents to attend.

This year more than every other year this will be very important as we are still amid the Covid-19 situation with distance teaching being a distinct possibility this school year. Communicating among us, diffusing important information, getting, and spreading parents’ feedback will only be possible if there are class representatives elected for each class as evidenced by last school year’s distance teaching experience. We need to be ready, and we can only count on you.

Moreover, only class representatives in order of payment vote at the APEEE General Assembly, for the budget, on the bus, canteen and périscolaire services, but also the social and community funds. They are the only ones who will be representing the class’ interests during the General Assembly. The class has as many votes as class representatives, with a maximum of 4 votes. Remember that you can become a class representative for one class (even if you have children in other classes).

To cut it short: without class representatives, no APEEE!

A class without class representatives has no voice at the General Assembly and is out of the information loop.


To help with the organization of the class it is strongly recommended to assign the following roles to class representatives:

  • Information: To be the contact point between the class teacher and the parents of the class, to forward emails from the APEEE to parents, and to inform the section representatives of any issues that need to be addressed in the educational councils. Every class needs to have at least one parent that can be identified as an Information rep.
  • Events: To inform parents about community-building initiatives like Somerfesto, the book sale, bake sale, or coffee mornings. If an events rep is not assigned all the event-related information will go to the information rep.
  • Treasurer: To manage the class’s fund. Seen as teachers are not allowed to ask parents directly for funds this role is extremely important. Particularly for nursery and primary, but also for some secondary classes.
  • Back up: To help any of the other representatives if needed.

 All roles should be filled out during the class meeting on TEAMS.


Some of you have been encouraged to set up Whatsapp groups for your class to facilitate the integration of parents, especially new ones. We encourage you to use whatever channel, Whatsapp or another platform, in order to enliven your classes.


In case of difficulties or questions, contact your section representatives or the functional mailbox


Wishing you and your families a productive school year.


For the pedagogical team of the APEEE, 

Kristin Dijkstra, President of the APEEE
Karim Kettani, Vice-President of the APEEE in charge of pedagogical affairs