The APEEE unveils its new logo!

Since the beginning of the APEEE of Laeken, the APEEE star has accompanied parents, students, staff and the entire school community.

Recent years have brought many changes to our school, such as an increasingly large and diverse student body, and challenges, such as the pandemic which has had many impacts on our services. Throughout these changes, the APEEE has evolved and adapted.

The new APEEE logo is a fusion of modernity and heritage, reflecting our commitment to our core values and our services.

The blue represents our transport service, working for the safety and convenience of our students. The red refers to our canteen, cafeteria and Snack Shack, where delicious, well-balanced meals are served. The yellow represents our extracurricular activities, where students can thrive through a variety of educational and recreational activities. The green stands for the pedagogical team, which actively engages with the school by representing the interests of parents. Finally, the combination of yellow and dark blue is a reminder of our European commitment.

This new logo is a natural evolution that demonstrates our growth, our desire to serve our community to the best of our ability, and the unity and diversity of everyone at EEBIV.

Welcome to the new era of the APEEE, as we grow and evolve together.