The 2023-2024 school year in a few figures

During the year 2023-2024, 1 934 families registered to the APEEE. The families of EEB4 benefited from one or more of the 3 services offered by the APEEE: transport, canteen and extracurricular activities.


Every day, 2 574 pupils took the school bus to school in the morning and back home or to the European Commission garderie in the afternoon. The transport service made an impressive 19 500 journeys, covering 54 routes in the morning and 58 in the afternoon, with 349 and 331 stops respectively. Bus safety and organisation are paramount, with 95% of buses monitored by supervisors. In addition, bus cancellations have decreased significantly, by 62% compared with the 2022-2023 school year, from 225 to 85 in the morning and from 86 to 35 in the afternoon.


The school canteen catered for 1 834 pupils, providing them with healthy, balanced meals. A total of 19 400 meals were served and 17 542 sandwiches were prepared for 5 517 pupils on school trips, demonstrating an efficient and responsive catering service.


In terms of extracurricular activities, there were 1,691 registrations this year. Pupils took part in 68 group activities and 74 individual courses, all supervised by 53 dedicated monitors. The annual Performing Arts Day was also a great success, attracting 950 visitors.


The APEEE Community Fund contributed to 13 projects worth €13 689, including Philo Day 2024, KIVA teacher training for primary schools, oral storytelling workshops, the Young Librarian project, Irish Ceili dance workshops, the Somerfesto science fair, an awareness-raising workshop for parents, the Imagine ArtScience event, Libri al cinema, a meeting with a Bulgarian journalist and much more.


The APEEE Social Fund funded 15 projects for a total of €3 208.05. During 2023-2024, the Social Fund has played a crucial role in supporting students and families within our community, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder participation in school activities and events. The Social Fund has promoted inclusion and equality of opportunity, enriching the educational experience for all by treating all applications confidentially and fairly.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the APEEE has improved its transport, canteen and extracurricular services by increasing the quality and number of enrolments. Community and social funds have provided effective support for families and school projects.