President Dan Nicolae’s End of the year message

Dear parents,

As the 2023-2024 school year nears its end, I want to express my gratitude to our teachers, staff, APEEE representatives, and APEEE staff for their unwavering support to our community.

This year, we underwent considerable personnel changes. The director of the APEEE, Éric Rega, has retired and I would like to thank him on behalf of the APEEE for his tireless efforts and his devoted leadership of our office. Éric Rega’s successor on an interim basis will be none other than Anne Robertz, whom many of you know as the manager of the transport service. The entire APEEE team wishes her the very best as she embarks upon her new role.

This transformative year has been marked by significant achievements for the Parents’ Association of Laeken. The transport office has improved the efficiency of the service increasing the number of bus monitors, restructuring the bus routes and launching the “Together School” app for real time monitoring of the school busses.

Meanwhile, the canteen service continued last year’s success by increasing the number of subscriptions and offering healthy, balanced meals based on bio vegetables.

The extracurricular activities had a very colourful and exciting year, with an increase of over 70 activities available to pupils. Among the service’s highlights were the Performing Arts Day, during which performances, tournaments and open classes were organised for pupils and their parents. Finally, after a long absence, we saw the return of the ski trip to Les Arcs in Savoie.

With the aim of creating a school environment for a well and flourishing school community, our pedagogical team has continued to raise the issues faced by our students and strive to find solutions with the school management.

Among our association’s initiatives, the APEEE Community Fund and Social Fund have supported a variety of projects for the school community and provided financial assistance to EEB4 families.

Last but not least, the EEB4 community celebrated the school year with our big summer party “Somerfesto” where over 4 000 attendees enjoyed the various food stands, participated in a wide range of activities, and attended live performances.

In conclusion, the school year was marked by significant progress and resilience, with improvements in transport efficiency, high-quality canteen services, and expanded extracurricular activities.

We thank you for you support and wish you a wonderful summer holiday.

Best Regards,

Dan Nicolae, President of the APEEE of Brussels IV-Laeken