Student recruitment – Bus monitor

As part of its student bus monitor programme, the APEEE transport service is looking for students in S5 or above and over 16 years old for morning and afternoon tours.

15-year-old students can also apply for this programme, as long as they have completed at least two years of secondary education.

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  • What are the tasks of this mission?
  1. Note the children’s attendance on the boarding list when they enter the bus;
  2. Ensure that all students have their seatbelts fastened before departure;
  3. On afternoon tours, make sure that the little ones are welcomed by the designated adult;
  4. Ensure that all students are off the bus before ending the tour.

We are looking for students* on the following bus lines:


AM14 – AM18 – AM19 – AM20 – AM32 – AM42 

*who get on the bus at the 1st or 2nd stop on their tour


214 – 218 – 232 – 242

*who get off at the last or penultimate stop on their tour

Interested ? 

If your child is interested and you agree, please send us the completed application form by email to Ms Makubi: with the subject: Candidate student bus monitor

We offer a student contract. 

The transport team is available for any additional information >