Students bus monitors – interviews

Transport service launched its student bus monitor programme a few months ago. 

You are over 16 years old and use our transport service? Join us and become an bus monitor on your bus line!

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Discover below the stories of Nikola, Stella, Mihai and others :

Alda – S7

Mihai – S7

A very nice experience, I like the fact that I am responsible for the safety of the children; taking attendance of all of them, checking their seatbelts, helping the nursery children to put on their seatbelts and arrive safely in their classrooms, etc… a job that is not complicated, that does not take time, that is fun and that pays! What more do you want… 😉



Joosep – S5

I like doing the bus monitor job because it doesn’t take away time from my hobbies and I don’t need to reschedule any extracurricular activities.





Nikola – S6

What I like about this job is that it is very accessible for us EEB4 students and that it teaches us responsibility and punctuality which are important to have for every other job we would have in the future.






Louise – S7

Working with the bureau of transportation has given me the opportunity to gain some independence without it being at the cost of my studies. It is the ideal opportunity if you would like to earn some pocket money. You also get a sense of fulfilment, there’s a little girl whom I accompany to the kindergarten building and every time I do so she smiles. If you’re looking for a small job that Is compatible with going to school/studying I would certainly recommend it.  

Stella – S7

Being a bus monitor is easy, it is empowering, and it gives us the opportunity to expand our social circle. It’s the perfect job for students!





Giulia & Sofia – S6

Great work, great colleagues, great kids!