Somerfesto 2019 Official Invitation

Dear Parents, Teachers and Pupils,

The Somerfesto Committee and the EEB4 Parents’ Association are happy to invite you to the 2019 edition of Somerfesto.

For its 11th edition, we are glad to announce that our theme will be:


Please read the following information carefully as it’s all very important to ensure everything goes well.


We will have 3 days of activities!

May 17th: Music, Dance and more…

For security reasons, we ask all parents to either come pick up their child themselves at the end of the disco or sign a waiver. A waiver is needed to leave the school by themselves or with another adult that is not their parent. There will be no exceptions.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm P5-S2 Disco at the “Salle Polyvalente”

6:00 pm – 10:30 pm Jazz Café at the “Ballroom” in the G building
With a live Jazz group from 6:00 pm and from 8:30 pm we invite parents to come and join the show! (Don’t forget your musical instrument!)
A glass of wine and a plate of food are included in the price.

8:30 pm – 10:30 pm S3-S4 Disco at the “Salle Polyvalente”

May 18th: Games, creativity and fun

Noon – 5:00 pm Somerfesto for all the family and School community

Come enjoy a day packed with activities, music, food and family fun!

Food stands, bouncy castles, reading corner, recycling projects, concerts, talent show, magic show, soap bubbles, friends, family and many opportunities to make great memories.

There will be 5 main sections: Activities for younger students at the P1-P2 playground, Activities for the middle years at
the bus parking lot, Activities for older students by the secondary building, Food and general activities at the central
playground and a Quiet area in the “secret garden” next to the G building.

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Concerts at the “ballroom” in the G building
Join us for some music played by teachers from our school and guest teachers from other European schools. Don’t
forget to give us a hand to clean up the school grounds before you leave!

8:00 pm-midnight S5 and up Disco (School pupils only)
For security reasons, we ask all parents to either come pick up their child themselves at the end of the disco or sign a
waiver. A waiver is needed to leave the school by themselves or with another adult that is not their parent. There will be
no exceptions. Pupils over 18 years old may leave the school under their own responsibility.

May 19th: The day after…

10:00 am Tidy up Brunch

Bring something to drink and/ or eat to share with others and join us for an “Auberge Espagnole” style brunch and help
us clean up the school. (Limited places! Sign up the volunteering form as soon as possible to join us.).


To have access to the school on those days all participants need to register ahead of time:

Outside visitors may register as long as they have a link to the school (family member, close friend, alumni, future
pupil…), but it is very important to take into consideration that only members from the school community are covered
by the school’s insurance, everyone else comes under their own responsibility and nor the school nor the APEEE can be
held responsible for any damage caused to/by them.

We won’t be accepting cash on any stand. All activities and products require either a bracelet or tickets.

Don’t forget to buy your Bracelets for activities and tickets for the day online and profit of a 15% discount!:

Bracelets and tickets will be available onsite at full price.
Online sales require a credit card.
We will be accepting electronic payments and cash onsite.

How much?

Online and onsite

Bracelet: 10€ (8.5€ with online discount): Basic activities are included
Magic Bracelet: 15€ (13.75€ with online discount): Basic activities magic show are included
Friday Discos: 10€ (8.5€ with online discount): Drinks and food are included
Jazz Café: 15€ (13.75€ with online discount): A glass of wine and a plate of food are included
Saturday Disco: 15€ (13.75€ with online discount): Drinks and food are included
Tickets: 10€ for a pack of 10 (8.5€ with online discount): To pay for all consumptions and extra activities

Eco cup 1 ticket deposit
Soft drink 25cl 1 ticket
Wine 15cl 2 tickets
Beer 25cl 2 tickets
Special beer 3 tickets
Bottle of wine (only available at Jazz café) 9 tickets

Size of portions is decided by each stand coordinator.
Small portion: 2 tickets
Big portion: 4 tickets
Soft Ice cream: 1 ticket
25cl of granita 2 tickets
Popcorn: 2 tickets
Candy floss: 2 tickets
Special ice creams (plancha givrée): 3 tickets


In order for Somerfesto to be a success, we need all the help we can get! Please sign up via the different links in the
different activities.

Give us an hour or two of your time and please ask your children to sign up to help!

We would like for the student body to take ownership of Somerfesto. That is why Pupils are more than welcome (and
actually encouraged) to give a hand as well.

From P3 they can sign up along with a parent.

From P5 they can sign up without a parent (using parent’s email and phone number). Feel free to sign up for as many
hours as you want ;).

You will find all the individual links to sign up for the different stands in the following link:

Bring food to your sections stand:
Contact your section stand coordinator, or the Somerfesto representative from your class to check what you can bring.
The profit from Somerfesto comes mainly from the food stands and is later used to fund activities and infrastructure
that are not covered by the school’s budget. For more information about projects that have been financed with the help
of Somerfesto take a look at the community fund website (

Bring a book, some building blocks or a board game:
On the day bring a book, some building blocks or a board game. It can be new or well-loved as long as it is in perfect
working order (and clean). Bring it to the reading corner, the building corner or the games corner (depending on what
you bring) and share it with others. (All books, building blocks and board games will be considered as donations to
Somerfesto and will be stored to be used for future editions.)

Let us know about your favourite community project or charity:
The Somerfesto Committee will be choosing 10 projects/charities to which leftover tickets can go to.

Just a few rules:
– It has to be a very local (Laeken area) project or charity
– it has to be a project or charity that already has a direct link with the school (as part of a class or section project.)
– You have to send us an email ( with the name of the charity/project and why you think we
should take it into consideration.
– If your charity/project is chosen you have to bring us an empty decorated cardboard box (shoes, or copy paper)
and an A4 poster to use on the APEEE stand where tickets can be deposited by the guests before exiting
Somerfesto 2019 tickets are not valid after the 18th of May 2019… but they could go to a good cause.

We will be using reusable cups, but it might also be a good idea to bring a reusable water bottle with you to refill with
We will have biodegradable plates, but you can bring your own reusable plates with you.
If possible, try to walk, bike or take public transport to get to Somerfesto.
Avoid food waste as much as possible.
Dispose of your waste in the bin and not on the floor, and pay attention to separate it properly.
When doable, use local ingredients for the food you bring for your section stand and/or make us discover your home
country through the food you bring.

Looking forward to seeing you at Somerfesto,

The Somerfesto Committee