Free coding workshops for ES pupils (P2-S3)

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The European Schools and the Parents Associations of the European Schools want to promote digital competence among pupils and in particular coding and computational thinking.

In this perspective, we are pleased to transmit a proposal from Google Atelier Belgium for a series of free extracurricular workshops at Google Digital Atelier (Brussels) for Brussels European Schools’ pupils. This series of workshops, based on practical activities, will develop pupils coding skills and computer science, as well as motivate them in the learning of STEAM subjects. In particular, girls are welcomed to participate (to address the digital skills gap among girls).

Each training will follow the pedagogical content of Google CS First (CS First provides free, easy-to-use computer science enrichment materials that engage a diverse pupils population). As part of these activities, no personal pupil account nor personal data will be required; a form will be sent to parents for photographies consent.

·         Age: 7  to 13 years old

·         Number of participants: up to 30 pupils per group

·         Languages (L1 or L2): French, English, Dutch

·         Dates on Wednesdays:

o   8 May and 22 May: English

o   15 May: French

o   29 May: Dutch

·         Timetable:

o   Workshop:14:00-17:00

o   Presentation for parents:16:30-17:00

·         Price: free of charge

·         Healthy snacks provided; no equipment needed.

Registration: the following links will activate on Wednesday, 1 May at 10 AM:

·         English:

·         French:

·         Dutch:  

For any questions, please refer to