National strike on Wednesday 13 February 2019

Status at 1:15 pm:

All our buses left school and only 6 bus monitors could not come.

Have a great afternoon!


Status at 12:00 pm:

All our noon departures are assured. Please note, however, that unfortunately not all our bus monitors will be present and that disruptions to our trips are possible.

Please be at your child’s bus stop in advance.

Feel free to contact us : 02 474 10 94. 


Status at 9:30 am :

Due to the blocked depot of one of the bus companies with which we work, 5 bus tours unfortunately could not be made this morning. The other 50 buses made it to school and 50% of our bus monitors managed to be present on the buses.

Our transport office had to deal with these unforeseen circumstances and received many phone calls this morning. We apologize if your call could not be answered.

A report on the situation expected for our departures at noon will be communicated shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.


Due to strike movements and union actions planned in all sectors and across the country tomorrow Wednesday, February 13, 2019, there are chances that our transport and extracurricular services will seriously be disturbed. Buses and monitors may have indeed difficulties to reach the school or the bus stop. Please note that some bus monitors may be unable to come.

You can reach our transport office from 7:00 am by phone: 02 474 10 94.

Thank you for your understanding.