Important – Operation of APEEE services during the last weeks of the year

We would like to inform you of the special arrangements made by the APEEE services for the end of courses during the last weeks of the year.


The extracurricular activities end on Friday 14 June

Summer Camp: possibility of return via the transport service buses at 3.20 pm.

In the absence of extracurricular activities, on Fridays 21 and 28 June, parents of Nursery, P1 and P2 pupils can either:

  • Collect their child at the end of lessons => parents must inform the school that their child must be directed to the ‘parent pick-up’
  • If the children are enrolled in a garderie, let them go to the garderie (either a central garderie or a garderie for which they have to take a bus) and inform the school
  • Only for 21 and 28 June, parents can buy tickets for the drop off merode, which leaves at 1pm, via


Organization of the Canteen starting 24 June

Friday 21 June: last day for secondary students of S1 to S6.

Starting Monday 24 June:

  • Snack Shack will remain closed
    • Cafeteria will be open from 08:00 to 13:00. Limited production to avoid increased waste noted year before. We highly recommend use of ‘Pre Order’. More information about the preorder procedure to be found in our site.
    • Staff’s restaurant will be open between 11:00 and 14:00. Menu Canteen and salad bar available.
    • S7 students with subscription at the Canteen service can come between 11:00 and 13:15
    • L2 (Building D – 1st floor) will remain open till 13:30
    • L3 (Building D – 2nd floor) will remain open till 12:35

On thursday 4 July, the schedule for primary will be adjusted to:

  • Nursery: 10h50 – 11h20
    • Primary 1-2-3: 11h30 – 11h55
    • Primary 4-5: 12h00 – 12h20


Organization Transport from 21 June to 5 July 2024

The things that change compared to the other days are the following:

  • Morning bus: no changes.
  • Friday 21 June: last day of departures at 16:10
  • From Monday 24 June:
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: departure of busses beginning with the number 1xx at 15:20 for Nursery pupils to P5 + Summer Camp
    • Friday departure at 15:20 for pupils from P3 to P5 + Summer Camp
    • Fridays 21 and 28 June: Nursery pupils to P2 finish school at 12:45
  • Wednesdays 26 June, 3 July and Friday 5 July:
    • These three days, all pupils finish school at 12:30. Departure will be at 12:50. routes will be operated according to those beginning with ‘1xx’. The adapted timetable is already available in the online timetable, look at the tab “PM01_2023”.
  • ATTENTION, Friday 5 July: no journey to the Drop Off Merode

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.