Extracurricular activities – Back to school 2021

The new school year has already kicked off and it is now time for the extracurricular activities to get underway!

By the way, there are still places available in some activities! Check it out >

  • Start of activites

Extracurricular activities will start on Friday 1 October 2021 for all pupils (nursery, primary and secondary).

You will find the details of your child’s activities in his/her registration >

Bus after the activity: for the children concerned, you can find the number of your child’s bus as well as his/her bus stop in his/her transport registration >

  • Covid-19 measures

Below are the health measures that are in place in our extracurricular activities service: 

  1. The students are expected to wait for their teacher at the meeting point, secondary children will need to wear a face mask; 
  2. Extracurricular activities monitors and teachers will all wear face masks and must keep them on throughout the activity as much as possible;
  3. Secondary children must keep their face masks on during the activity unless it is a sporting activity – for sporting activities, students are allowed to remove their masks and must put them back on as soon as the activity is over; when students are not wearing the mask, social distancing should be encouraged;
  4. For contact sports, the extracurricular activities office complies with the measures announced by the Belgian authorities; Judo, taekwondo, aikido, sportive dance, football and basketball activities are thus possible, as long as the barrier gestures are respected as much as possible and the instructions of the monitor are followed; 
  5. Students will be required to wash their hands before and after the activity – including for the lunch supervised by the extracurricular activities team on Wednesdays;
  6. The monitors will all have hydroalcoholic gel – hydroalcoholic gel is also present in all school rooms so that students can disinfect their hands at all times; 
  7. Monitors will be authorized to help the children in order to ensure that the activity runs smoothly, which may result in physical contact (correcting postures to avoid injury, etc.) ; 
  8. Materials and equipment will be disinfected before and after each activity. 

As for our partners, they have also introduced a series of sanitary measures within their infrastructures which we undertake to respect during our external activities.

  • “APEEE BRU IV” App

As some of you already know, the APEEE has a mobile application “APEEE BRU IV“. This app, which is currently used for our canteen service, will be extended to our extracurricular activities and transport services to offer you a new access system. Tests are planned and will be carried out on all our activities so that our monitors and extracurricular teachers can also get used to this new system. Once this test period is over, we will notify you when we officially launch our new access system and send all parents the necessary details on how to use our app.

You can already find some information about our mobile app by clicking here >

We look forward to seeing you in our activities!