DOMO – A students’ initiative for parents

The APEEE is happy to support the student mini-entreprise initiative DOMO. The students are in the process of creating a website which will help parents hire students for jobs like babysitting, tutoring, etc. 

The students have created a survey for parents in order to gauge the level of interest in the services they might provide. Please take a few moments to fill in the survey > 

Deadline: 21st of December 2021


Dear parents,

Domo is a website that is here to help you. Our website will offer a multitude of services ranging from Babysitting to Tutoring or Gardening etc. These services will be tended to by our handpicked personnel, which consists of mature and responsible European school students. You will be able to contact these students via our website and discuss any additional questions you might have regarding their qualifications with them personally.

Our goal with Domo is to facilitate the European students and parents’ lives. The students are given the opportunity to earn a bit of money in their free time; whilst the parents can find cheap and reliable babysitters, tutors etc. We also hope that this process will strengthen our European school community and new meaningful connections can be made.

We hope to see you soon,

Your DOMO team