Message from the SWALS section representatives

Dear parents of SWALS pupils,

There is now a Facebook group of the parents of SWALS pupils in our school. The page is at with almost 50 members so far. The group is open to all SWALS parents in Laeken, and serves as a place to exchange information and provide mutual support.

In addition, parent representatives across all European Schools (so-called “Interparents”) have launched an initiative to strengthen the language policy for bilingual children, which will also benefit SWALS pupils. The aim is that all children in all European Schools can benefit from language education at their level of competence. The initiative is now being discussed at the governing bodies of the European Schools. You can see the proposal here: 

If you have any SWALS related questions, join the Facebook group or contact:
Jelena Despot (, Luka Juros ( and Ivona Ondelj (