Documentary ‘Shine a Light – Understanding ADHD’

ADHD ASC & LD Belgium ASBL is a founding member of ADHD Europe. Every October ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Awareness month is celebrated around the World.

This following documentary, created by a team of young researchers of the MiND research project and 4QFilms, shines a light on living with ADHD, from a personal and a scientific perspective. This video aims to help young people and adults diagnosed with ADHD, or who suspect they have ADHD, as well as their family and friends, to understand the condition better.

The release of this video co-occurs with the last day of the international ADHD awareness month. This initiative of the international ADHD patient organisations aims to raise awareness about ADHD, and funding for more research to better understand ADHD.

Many children, adolescents and adults suffer from ADHD. ADHD is a complex disorder that affects people differently. Generally people experience problems in daily life, especially with respect to controlling attention, impulses and emotions. At the same time, people with ADHD enjoy their creativity and positive energy. Medication is effective for many people with ADHD, but not for all. A downside of the medication is that it needs to be taken every day, and it does not cure someone from the disorder. Other types of treatment should therefore also be offered and investigated. Knowing more about ADHD and spreading awareness will help people to understand what causes their behaviour. This will reduce stigma and (self)blame.