Canteen – Payement of the 3rd instalment for Ukrainian pupils

Since the school has welcomed Ukrainian pupils, the Parents’ Association (APEEE) has paid for their APEEE membership and the costs of our services (canteen, extracurricular activities and transport).

Unfortunately, starting from the 3rd period of the present school year (from 8 April 2024 until the end of the school year 2023-2024), the APEEE will no longer be able to continue covering the canteen costs for Ukrainian pupils. Therefore, we are obliged to ask their parents and host families for a financial contribution for this 3rd instalment in order to continue to benefit from our service.

This financial contribution is intended to cover the annual subscription to our association as well as the costs of the services in which the children are enrolled.

For the current school year, extracurricular and transport services remain free of charge.

In order to be able to adapt to this new policy, we recommend that families in need of support apply, on an individual basis and as soon as possible, to the APEEE Social Fund by completing the form and sending it to the following address:

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and support will be granted to eligible applications within the limits of the above-mentioned fund. Please read the Social Fund policy in advance, which you can find here.

The APEEE remains fully committed to supporting our Ukrainian pupils.

Thank you for your understanding.