Transport – State of play

Since the beginning of the school year, the APEEE transport service has experienced various major challenges to the bus service. 

The shortage of drivers among bus companies, as well as the lack of bus monitors, are serious issues affecting our transport service. In addition, we have had to deal with drivers who do not notify the bus company of their absence or do so far too late.

We are looking for bus monitors among the students from the age of 16. An application and parental consent document has been handed out in the buses where there are no bus monitors yet. More info can be found here >

Four bus lines are running again since Monday 10 October, and we still have 3 lines (132, 133, and 148) for which we are actively looking for solutions.

If you have an acute problem with your child’s bus, please call the APEEE transport service directly at: 02 474 10 94/96/97/98.

We encourage parents with less-acute inquiries to please send them to us via e-mail at:

Please note that the school has no hand in transport arrangements and will not be able to provide any help or information about the status of your child’s bus. Only the APEEE Transport Office should be notified.

Parents are also strongly encouraged to check the APEEE website regularly for new transport updates at:

We apologise again for the inconvenience caused and are doing our utmost to find permanent solutions.