How do I register my children to the school transport?

All registrations need to be made through the registration website.

When do I need to register my child to make sure s/he get a seat on a bus?

Registrations are normally open from May 1 to May 31.
It is always possible to register outside these dates. However, although everything will be done to accommodate a request, it cannot be guaranteed and, in any case, only stops already chosen by parents in the course of May will remain available.

Can a child take the bus only to the garderie (child minding facilities)?

Yes. The invoice will be 65% of a full pass.

Can a child take the bus only in the morning?

Yes – but 100% of full subscription fee will be invoiced. Passes charged at 65% of a full pass are only for buses to the garderie in the afternoon.

Can a child registered to Transport take any bus?

No. Pupils are only authorized to use the lines to which stop they are registered.
However, it is possible to occasionally take another bus. He/she must buy a ticket from the Transport Office (cost € 3.00) bought via the registration website if the exceptionally want/need to use a different bus.

If parents are divorced/separated, can children take two different buses?

Yes. The children will have to be registered in the two buses they need to use. The second bus registration costs 65% of a full bus pass.

What is the price of the full pass?

The total costs for all bus lines are calculated and divided over all the parents.
Because of the continuous changes in the number of children, this calculation is fairly complex and the total amount cannot be provided in September.
The payment is therefore in three Instalments. The first and second installments are based on the previous year’s costs. The third is based on the actual operating costs. The estimated and later final price will be published on the website and communicated to the parents by email via the instalments automatically generated by the subscription website. After an audit of the annual account, a balance may be required.

When must it be paid?

Payment instalments must be paid after reception via the subscription website and using the structured communication generated by the system.

The deadlines are: 01/09, 01/01 and 01/03.


Who is paying what? (the budget and pricing)

This depends on the employer of the parents.

  1. For Primary and Secondary pupils, European institutions in general pay for the bus transport directly.
  2. Nursery pupils – parents incur the full cost.
  3. Other parents are reimbursed by their employers.
  4. And there is a group of parents who pay for themselves.

Who is paying transport costs for civil servants (temporary and contractual agents included)?

The Institutions are paying the transport costs as from the first year of primary. For the pupils benefitting from the European Institutions and European Schools school allowance the parents must provide their service number and professional status during enrolment process, via each of the subscription they create on the online subscription website. Otherwise, if the “School allowance” part isn’t filled correctly, the transport fee will be invoiced to the parents.

Who has to pay for transport costs of children in nursery section?

Parents must pay for the transport costs if their child in the nursery section.

Is there a discount for a second child, or more?

No, there is no discount.

How to consult the buses’ lines and stops?

All bus routes are available here: https://services.apeee-bxl4.be/en/transports/index.html

How are the bus routes planned? (route planning)

This is described in the Rules (that you can find in our Rules section).

Is it possible to ask to change the location of a stop?

Yes. Each request needs to be dealt with individually. It is a fairly complex consideration in which the following factors intervene: the safety, the bus-size, requests from other parents, travelling durations and bus routes needing to be balanced. When the request is accepted it is necessary to inform everyone: drivers, all parents, bus monitor and change the information on the websites, bus passes, and monitor lists.

A request can be made by e-mail to the Transport Office.

Can we have the GSM/mobile phone number of our Bus Monitor?

Yes, the phone numbers of the bus monitors will be available by the end of august, and will be updated in the course of the school year, in your child’s subscription and on the online timetable. The Transport office usually send an email in case of definitive replacement of a bus monitor.

Can we have Route-representatives and/or area-representatives?

Yes, but this needs to be organized by the parents amongst themselves.

When will the bus routes for the coming school year be announced?

Enrolment for APEEE bus transport happen during the month of May. The bus routes are published by the end of August.

Who is taking care of the children of nursery section when they arrive at school with the bus?

Children are taken care of by the bus monitors who accompany them from the parking lot to the nursery hall. If there were to be no bus monitor, they will be brought to the nursery hall by the school monitors.

My child's morning bus always arrives before 7h55 bu he/she is not allowed to disembark and go to his/her class. How is this being addressed?

This is a safety issue, children cannot leave the bus before 7:55. Bus times are being adjusted to minimize this, however, all buses cannot arrive at the same time because they can’t all fit into the parking lot.

Will the time tables be adjusted?

Yes. This happens on an ongoing basis, parents are informed by email if the timetable has been modified.

My bus is always 5 minutes late in the morning, why is that?

Basically, traffic. Parents are asked to inform the Transport Office of any road works or problems with bus stops in order to find a solution for the collection of children.

Where do I get information about changes to our route?

Parents are informed by email before modifications are made. Updates are made in the timetables, whether temporary or definite, and the definite ones are also visible in the subscriptions.

What further changes are likely to affect the bus service this year?

Bus transport is in constant change. Other changes, such as road works and traffic are considered on a day-by-day basis.

Is there a discount for a second child, or more?Do I have to be present to fetch my child at the bus stop? What if I am not there?

In the registration form you should specify whether your child must be fetched by an adult (parent, baby-sitter, etc.) or not. This is advised for all children under 10 years old. If you replied “I don’t authorize my child to get off the school bus unaccompanied”, and there is no authorized adult to fetch the child, the supervisor will call the phone number the parent provided us with to see if the responsible adult is moments away from the bus stop, and they call the Transport Office if they didn’t manage to reach you and the bus will drive on. The Transport Office will contact the parents to decide on how to proceed for them to pick up their child. If you replied “I authorize my child to get off the school bus unaccompanied”, then the child is allowed to leave the bus alone, even if no adult is waiting for him/her. There is also the option to allow a child to leave the bus “only if accompanied by a sibling”.

Whose responsibility is it to make sure my child/ren are on the bus before it leaves?

The teachers are responsible for taking the children to the buses for nursery and the first two primary sections, monitors check what children are present. Children from P3 to the secondary pupils make their own way to the bus. Buses don’t wait for children who are possibly late: they must leave on time. Also, if your child needs to be brought to the buses by a teacher and you haven’t made them aware of a change of plan, bus number for said day or pick-up instead of bus, it won’t be the Transport office’s responsibility if your child isn’t on the right bus that day.

Can the order in which buses depart be varied ?

No. This would mean having the timetables with the arrival times at the bus stops be different on a daily bases and parents never knowing exactly when their children get home, if s/he’s not there due to delays or if it’s “one of those days”.

Can anything be done to lessen the time children have to sit on buses waiting to depart?

Buses are leaving on schedule daily, which means the longest waiting time before departure is no more than 15 minutes (except for the nursery children who have been granted the authorization do be put on the buses five minutes before the lessons officially end). Classes end at 15:05 (first departure at 15:20) or 15:55 (second departure at 16:10).

Do you contact parents who repeatedly arrive late to meet their child from the bus, thus delaying other children who live further down the line?

Yes, please refer to rules for the disciplinary action.