Below is the price for an annual transport subscription depending on your formula. 

The annual subscription is due in 3 instalments:

  • 1st instalment for the start of the school in September;
  • 2nd instalment, for Christmas;
  • 3rd instalment, for Easter.

You will receive a payment request per child by email for each instalment, with the amount, bank details and structured communication. We remind you of the importance of compliance with this policy in the proper processing of your payment.

Children in maternelle are not eligible to have transport costs covered by the institutions, but some do pay a pre-school allowance. Please check your intranet.

Children in P1 and above whose parents work for the institutions may be eligible to have them covered by their employer. Please check if this includes your child.


100% Subscription

Min 1.950,00 €

One identical stop on an AM line and one identical stop on a PM line

90% Subscription

Min. 1.755,00 €

Exclusively for the children in Nursery and Primary 1 + 2 (who end school at 12:45 on Friday), registration possible for a line in the morning and afternoon except Friday noon or afternoon

65% Subscription

Min. 1.267,50 €

Only for an additional line or only to the school childcare afternoon without transportation in the morning

Drop-Off Merode


Exclusively for the children in Nursery and Primary 1 + 2 on Fridays at 1:00pm
Annual subscription to be paid in one instalment

Please pay the payments to the APEEE Transport bank account : BE25 1325 3154 4782 using structured communication contained in our registration system.

Bank : Nagelmackers – BIC: BNAGBEBB
Bank domiciliations are not accepted anymore.

For more information, please contact our accounting department: 02 474 10 93 or