Theatre in Greek - Laugh while you learn

Do you want to play in a theatre show ? Imagination, creativity and collective work are at the heart of the theatrical game. Children develop self-confidence as well as artistic, social and relational skills.

This course is offered in Greek. Although other languages may be useful if needed, a minimum knowledge of Greek is required.


With Elena:

P1-P2 : Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

Theater, as a way to communicate with one another and reflect on our experiences, can be a valuable tool for children and young adults to navigate their lives. Theatrical games is an educational and artistic method of learning by doing. It is a process of discovery through creativity and imagination and a method of deepening and strengthening human relationships and self-awareness. Finally, it is a way for the participants to become familiar with theater and theatrical processes.

Using the tools of theater, the goal is to encourage students to express themselves and develop their self-confidence, as well as their artistic, social and relational skills. Through theater, children and teenagers learn to work in groups, share, negotiate and resolve conflicts.

The aim is to create a safe space for exploration that allows students to express their emotions, thoughts and behaviors in a playful environment.

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to create a safe environment between participants and gradually introduce them to the art of theater through games, exercises, improvisations and dramatizations. We work with our body and voice and use various tools such as images, sounds or words/texts to activate our imagination, explore and surprise ourselves.

Starting from simple concentration games, memory games, role-playing, etc., the participants become familiar with different working methods while the activities slowly gain in complexity.

Finally, as often not all participants have the same level of Greek, part of this course is adapted to improve and enrich our language, always through theater games and while having fun.

2nd semester

In the second semester, the course follows a similar structure. However, the games and improvisations become more complex and are mainly based on material that comes from the participants themselves. On this basis, we also dedicate time to prepare for the Arts Day at the end of the year. This sharing can take different forms depending on the abilities and wishes of the group.