The Community Fund – how to support the school community

The purpose of the APEEE’s Community Fund is to support funding requests from any member of the school community (student, teacher, parent, staff member) – for projects and events which bring positive benefits to the school.

Examples of projects financed so far include cultural activities (e.g. Holocaust Remembrance Day, philosophy events, storytelling workshops, initiation to Irish traditional dance, music workshops, theatre performances,  access to the archive of the National Theatre in London, etc.), projects to improve the school environment (e.g. school radio, KiVa, picnic tables, sensory path hallways in nursery, gardening project, etc.), well-being (e.g. Kiva and other anti-bullying projects, development of emotional intelligence in primary) and school representation (e.g. participation of students to external events).

Here you can discover more examples of projects financed by the Community Fund.

The Community Fund is administrated by a Committee of parents (“The Community Fund Committee”): Cerasela Botoroaga (English section), Ambar Hernandez Pacheco (French section), Sarah Ironside (English section), Dan Nicolae (Romanian Section), Dana Puia Morel (English section), Vanessa Vignati (Italian section).