The APEEE answers your questions!

The Pupils’ Committee has sent us questions about the canteen service. Here are our anwers:

Canteen – Last school year (2020/21) there were two different sauces for the salads at the salad bar, would it be possible to put them back?

Yes, a selection of sauces will be available again soon!

Canteen – Would it be possible to add more options to the salad bar?

We are currently working on a new offer for next year. We will ensure that we include a greater diversity of products.

Cafeteria – Would it be possible to change to simple paper towels (e.g. Scottex) or even to remove the packaging from the sandwiches for ecological reasons and avoid the use of packaging with plastic?

For hygienic reasons and to comply with current rules, it is important that each sandwich is correctly packaged. We are currently considering with our supplier how to change the packaging so that we no longer have a plastic window, which is very useful for indicating the type of sandwich.

Cafeteria – Is it possible to pre-order sandwiches after 7am?

Unfortunately, no. The sandwiches are made fresh on the day and our kitchen team starts preparing them at 7:00 am. We strongly recommend that you pre-order your lunch.

Canteen – Is it possible to have jugs of water at the table instead of the current plastic bottles?

Water jugs have been removed for sanitary reasons (notably due to COVID 19). If the sanitary situation improves – to avoid any contamination – we are considering the possibility of putting the jugs back on the table.


The Canteen service (incl. the Cafeteria and the Snack Shack) of the APEEE Brussels IV