Summer Camp 2024 – look back on the edition

This year, the extracurricular service once again organised the Summer Camp for pupils in S1 to S3, which took place from 24 June to 4 July. Participants had a choice of four exciting camps: arts, sports, theatre in English, and programming.

These camps offered students a creative, resourceful and dynamic experience. “We do many different things, we don’t always do the same thing. I would recommend Summer Camp to people who like to go out every day,” says Sara, a participant in the athletics activity.

The proposed activities particularly appealed to the pupils, like Nicolo, who took part in the art camp and visited Walibi. “We had a lot of fun at Walibi. My favourite time was after lunch because then we could do as many attractions as possible. My favourite one was the popcorn revenge. The highlight for me was painting clay, white clay.”

Anastasia, a pupil on the theater in English camp, also shares her experience: ” I liked the Summer Camp and the teacher, Dave, was really nice. I really like the people in our group and the teacher, I have made lots of memories. “

For the instructors, the Summer Camp was a great success. Joanne, one of the instructors, is delighted: “Everyone enjoyed the trip to Walibi and the paintball, we were all in a group and no pupil was left out. There’s a great atmosphere and the children respond well to the activities.”

Joël, sports instructor, adds: “I think the children really enjoyed the activities too. Personally, I particularly liked baseball. Even though there’s one pupil who prefers volleyball, I managed to get her involved and she really enjoyed the activity.”

Between art workshops, thrilling sports activities, the secrets of computer codes and Roald Dahl plays, the students explored different sides of their talents and forged strong bonds.

We look forward to seeing you next year for a new edition that promises to be even more incredible!