Somerfesto 2020 – Update Covid-19

Update 24/03/2020 – Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and following the recommendations of the Belgian Government, Somerfesto 2020 is cancelled. 



Dear Parents,

 We informed you a few weeks ago that Somerfesto would take place on May 9th, between 13:00 and 18:00.

 We do not know how the Covid-19 crisis will develop in the following weeks and there is a possibility we might need to cancel or postpone the event. However, we find it is important to continue with the planning at the same time that we prepare a strategy for cancelation/postponement.

As you know there is the possibility that the school needs to close either for a few days or weeks. But if this happens, it is also possible that by May we will know more about Covid-19 and that Somerfesto will be able to take place without any danger. If that is the case we find it is important to be ready as it will be an opportunity to bring our community together to relax and celebrate the unity and solidarity in our school.


The Somerfesto Committee