Covid-19 – Functioning of the APEEE services


Update: As from 17 March and until further notice, the APEEE staff is confined to their homes and is teleworking. If you wish to contact one of the APEEE services, please do so by email only.



Following the decision of the Directors of the European Schools to close the European Schools from Monday 16 March and probably until 3 April inclusive, the transport, canteen and extracurricular activities services will no longer be operated from next Monday.

Thus, school transportation is canceled; the canteen and cafeterias will be closed, and no extracurricular activities will take place.

The National Security Centre met this Thursday evening and announced various measures. The APEEE services offices will continue to work normally but will be closed in order to protect our school community and to contain the spread of the virus. All contacts will be made exclusively by telephone or email. 

As a reminder, if you want to contact us:

Transport service : / 02 474 10 94
Cantine service : / 02 474 10 95
Extracurricular activities service : / 02 474 10 99

We will keep you informed in the next few days if any changes need to be made.

Thank you for your understanding.