September’s book sale

A secondary second-hand textbook sale will take place Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 September 2018 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in the A building, room 002.

This is an opportunity for students to sell used textbooks and to buy those needed for the coming school year.

Books are sold at 50% of the Amazon price + 1€. All books are sold at the same price regardless of their condition.

Parents or students bring their books for sale as early in the day as possible. A voucher (see below) must be filled out clearly and completely in BLOCK LETTERS and placed in the front of every book. Book prices will be filled in by our volunteers.

Download the Voucher 

Cash only accepted. Please bring change. At the end of the sale, you will receive a bank transfer payment for all books sold. Unsold books can be collected by their owners on the last day of the sale before 1 pm.

Profits from the sale (i.e. the additional 1€ for each book sold) will be donated to our school’s Community Fund.

If parents need access to the school, please contact Kirsten (see below) by Friday 7 September at the latest to put your name on a list.

NB: The book sale generates no profit and the parents only act as volunteers and receive no wages. Neither the school nor those involved are responsible for any books damaged, lost or stolen. This service is provided by parent volunteers, separate from APEEE.

If you wish to participate in the organization of this book sale, do not hesitate to contact the Book sale Committee which is always in need of additional help. Please contact your section organiser  (see below) if you have a few hours to give. Without support from our community, this sale cannot be a success.

EN: Kirsten Maher (

FR: Veronica Gavriliadis (v.

NL: Kris van Neyghem (

IT: Cinzia Demarzo (