Report of the project Broken Walls

Report of the project Broken Walls

On 14 November 2022, 460 P4 and P5 pupils took part in the « Broken Walls” project. 

The charity project Broken Walls gave two interactive concerts at school on Monday the 14th of November. The concerts included Native American songs, music and storytelling. The concerts gave the pupils also the possibility to participate in singing, playing the instruments in ‘trash can band’ and dancing around Salle Polyvalent.

Value added

  • Positive message of tolerance, acceptance and identity.
  • Engaging the pupils to express themselves through music and movement.
  • Opening the eyes for artistic expression.
  • Hearing some Native American languages and learning about the culture


Coordinator – Niina Viima

“The concert was energetic and allowed pupils to participate. The message of hope, strength, dreams, helping others, friendship and resilience was relevant and helps us to promote well-being at school.”

We received lots of positive feedback from pupils and teachers.

Here is one example of the feedback: “The concert – the music, singing and dancing – was great; pupils really loved it! The group was full of energy, they translated to French and engaged with the pupils.”