General Assembly – First notification

Subject: First notification for the online General Assembly on Tuesday 7th February 2023


Dear Section Representatives, Class Representatives and Parents,

Date of the General Assembly
Further to our notification advising that due to administrative reasons, the General Assembly had to
postpone, the Board of the APEEE of Brussels IV would like to inform you that our annual General
Assembly (GA) will take place online on Tuesday 7th February 2023 from 7:00 pm. We will be able to confirm if interpretation will be provided closer to the meeting date.

Members eligible to vote at the General Assembly are all class representatives who have paid their
APEEE membership fees. Class representatives who are unable to attend the General Assembly are
encouraged to arrange their proxy in advance by downloading it here >

You must return your completed proxy vote form to the following address: by 31st January 2023 at the latest. A voting member may not hold more than three
Important: Incomplete proxy forms will not be accepted (please note that you need to complete ALL 8
sections of the form).
Additional information regarding the voting procedure by proxy will be sent out shortly.

Access to the General Assembly
The link to join the General Assembly meeting will be sent in due course along with instructions.
Please note: the General Assembly will be recorded. If personal information is collected, it will be treated
accordingly with EU data protection policy and will be deleted on 8th February 2023.

Candidature to the Administrative Board
The General Assembly elects the members of the Administrative Board of APEEE of Brussels IV. The
board may consist of a maximum of 21 elected members, and each language section should be represented by at least 2 members.
Currently, there are 11 vacancies on the Board, and we strongly encourage any interested parents to put
forward their candidature. Every parent of a child at our school is entitled to stand as a candidate for election to the Board, providing that they have paid their annual membership fee to the APEEE. You can download the application form here >
We would be grateful if you could send your application to the following address: by
6th February 2023 at the latest. Each candidature will be published on the APEEE website for consultation
by voting members of the General Assembly.
Please note that you do not need to be a class or section representative to be elected.

Please bear in mind also that Board members should be prepared to invest extra time in the tasks they take on in addition to attending monthly Board meetings. For this reason, we are looking for parents who have enough time alongside their regular lives to volunteer to work together with others on the Board for the benefit of all children at our school. Please come and join us, if you do!

Agenda Points and Motions
All parents of pupils may propose items or motions for the agenda, providing that they have paid their
annual contribution to the APEEE.
All motions must be accompanied by a written statement in both English and French and should be
submitted by 17th January 2023 at the latest using the attached form. This form is also available here >

Please remember to submit only one motion per document. To be recognized, the motion should be supported by one of the following:
• 10 voting members (class representatives, who must have paid their APEEE fees),
• 20 full members (parents of pupils who must have paid their APEEE fees),
• 2 administrators (members of the Board).
Those that present a motion are responsible for collecting original signatures (scans are accepted).
Important: a simple list of names will not be accepted.
We would appreciate it if you would send your explanatory statements/motions (form + supporting
signatures) as attachments in a single e-mail to the following address:

Invitation and Agenda
By January 24th, 2023, at the latest, the Invitation for the GA will be e-mailed to all parents via class
representatives, announced on the APEEE website, and posted in the APEEE offices (the office of the
APEEE on the school site).
The invitation will include the agenda for the GA.

All documents for review during the GA will be published on the APEEE website with no legal obligation
for the date of publication.

Kind regards

Stephanie Buus
APEEE Brussels IV President
On behalf of the Administrative Board