Extracurricular – Registration for 2022-2023 postponed


UPDATE – Registration for extracurricular activities 2022-2023 open Tuesday 28 June at 10 am



We were planning on opening enrolments for the extracurricular activities (périscolaire) on Monday 20th June. After discussions with the school management, we have decided to extend this date to Monday 27th June for the following reason:

During the class councils for primary, currently being held and finishing on Wednesday 22nd June, the members of the management pedagogical team will be discussing which pupils will benefit from Educational Support in language 2. For P3/4/5 pupils, this support course is held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 15h00 to 15h45, which has an impact on enrolling these pupils in périscolaire (as activities at 15h00 are not possible for these pupils).

In order to facilitate planning for the APEEE periscolaire team, and to provide the management and secretariat team sufficient time to inform the current P2/3/4 parents if their child will be in a L2 support group next year, the date to enrol pupils for activities is therefore now the 27th June 2022.

We thank you for your understanding.