Monday 9th May 2022

As the 9th of May is an official European Commission holiday, there will be no after school childcare available, thus our services will operate as follow:


  • Buses to OIB garderies are cancelled
  • All buses to homes are maintained

Extracurricular activities

After the extracurricular activity, if your child usually goes to the Laeken garderie or if (s)he takes a bus to the OIB garderies, please come and pick him/her up at 4.10 pm at the school gate

If you would like your child to take another bus after the activity, you can opt for a transport ticket, available on our online resgistration website >

For APEEE transport subscribers, the first ticket of each term is free. Please note that the capacity available in the requested bus must be evaluated by the transport service and that there is no guarantee that a place will be available.

If your request is accepted, please inform the extracurricular activities service, specifying the bus number your child will take:

​Feel free to contact us if you have any questions >