Invitation to training for parents on Microsoft TEAMS for Education


UPDATE 15/03 – Taking into account the high demand, we are looking into the possibility of organising additional sessions and will come back on that soon.


The APEEE invites you to attend a live online training session to better familiarise parents with Microsoft TEAMS for Education.

You may attend one of four sessions to be held on the week of 22 March.

This training led by Laurent Carlier (, a skilled trainer in digital education technologies, is intended to arm EEB parents with the necessary skills to use Microsoft TEAMS for Education to its full potential. The sessions will enable parents to help their kids learn and study from home, to better support the schools’ distance/hybrid/BYOD learning programmes and to become more informed about changing educational approaches.

Four sessions, each lasting one hour, will be hosted in French or English  targeting Primary and Secondary parents. Up to 120 participants can register for a session on a first come, first served basis. There is a limitation of 30 participants from each school at each session. When the capacity is reached, parents will be invited to put their name on a waiting list and may be contacted if a slot is freed up. The waiting list will also help us  gauge interest and plan further sessions if needed.

Links to Registration Forms (limit: one slot per family):

  • Training for Secondary Parents (FR) – Monday, 22 March @ 16.45-18.00

  • Training for Primary Parents (FR) – Tuesday, 23 March @ 12.45-14.00

  • Training for Secondary Parents (EN) – Thursday, 25 March @ 16.45-18.00

  • Training for Primary Parents (EN) – Friday, 26 March @ 12.45-14.00

Registration deadline: Sunday, 14 March by midnight

We ask each family to please limit participation to a single registration! And if you realise at any time that you will not be able to attend your session, we ask that you follow the instructions on your confirmation email under “Résumé de la commande” linked from “Gérer et voir votre commande en ligne”. By signing up/in, you can cancel the order and automatically free up a slot to a person on the waiting list.

Registered participants will receive more detailed instructions and a link to the training closer to the event. Please note the sessions will be recorded; recordings as well as other supporting documentation will be made available by your APEEE.

This project is brought to you by the four Brussels APEEEs with guidance and technical support from the Office of the Secretary General. The registration platform is hosted by the EEBI APEEE. If you have any questions please contact our local coordinator, Mr Tzvetomir Penev at:

We hope to see you in TEAMS!

The Four Brussels APEEEs