ESB Octopus wins 15 medals

ESB Octopus wins 15 medals at the EFSL long-distance swimming finals in Bruges (30 November –1 December 2019)

Fourteen swimmers representing the four European Schools of Brussels participed recently to the long-distance swimming finals of the European Forces Swimming League (EFSL). They won 15 medals at the 400, 800, 1 500 meters freestyle, and 400 meters individual medley races.

Congratulations to Philip von Koppenfels and Alexia Salgado (EEB1), Jonas Eversonas (EEB2), Rodrigo Alquézar Pomar, Alex Jany, Jules Pellier and Peter Somogyi (EEB3), and Aura Ortega Claici (EEB4), and to the other Champs qualifiers as well.

These attainments are the result of a whole qualification process that started in September… and a lot of training.

The competitions are still ongoing, the next objective being the finals of the other races that will be held in Eindhoven on 29 February and 1 March 2020. Many swimmers of the European Schools team are already qualified.

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