Disruptions Friday 14 December

Due to the national social movement on 14/12 as well as the European Summit currently taking place in Brussels, our transport and extracurricular services are likely to be severely disturbed tomorrow, Friday 14 December 2018.

Delays are indeed to be expected, as buses may have difficulty reaching return stops and garderies.

All extracurricular activities will take place, however some monitors may have difficulty reaching the school. Please also note that some bus monitors may be unable to come.

Please note the contact details of your bus monitor available in your transport order on our online registration system.

Our canteen and cafeteria services will operate normally.

Feel free to contact us :

Transport : 02/474.10.97 ; transport@bru4.eu

Extracurricular : 02/474.10.99 ; periscolaire@bru4.eu