Covid-19 // Article 8 – Video games addiction

Pascal Minotte’s “Addiction to Video Games” conference, scheduled for April 28th, has been maintained until now by adapting to the anti Covid-19 measures.

It is unfortunately postponed to a later date.

In the meantime, here are two links on the same subject:

  • Envoyé spécial. L’addiction aux écrans : “héroïne numérique” – 18 janvier 2018 (France 2)

    Today, scientists are convinced that screens are dangerous for our children. They affect their brains, their concentration. In France, doctors are raising the alarm … Doctors and creators of new social networks are being given the opportunity to speak out.

  • Niels Weber. L’hyperconnectivité – 15 avril 2019

    Niels Weber is a specialist in addiction treatment and prevention of excessive and hyper-connective gambling. Niels Weber gives parents keys for discussion and action. – From the 4th minute.