Covid-19 // Article 3 – Helping you cope with the Covid-19 crisis


For the parents concerned, the association ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium is offering a lot of advice during this period of confinement. Do not hesitate to visit their Facebook page >


1 – Finding Your Strengths Exercise by Dana Puia Morel

In these difficult times, it is important to think about our strengths.

On a piece of paper, list 5-10 strengths you believe you have. Next to each strength, write down what it means to you.

Then rate your strengths according to which you think are your strongest: (1 = strongest)

After you’ve done all that, Go to:  and take the free survey (there is a separate one for under 17). Compare the results of the survey with the list you made of your strengths. Reflect on the differences.

Then think of where you could use your top strengths more and where you could use them less, especially in these difficult times.

For children, ask: What are you good at?/ What are you known for?

Enjoy and stay strong !

2 – Honoring your values Exercise by Dana Puia Morel

Identify the times when you were: 1.Happiest ; 2. Most proud; 3.Most fulfilled and satisfied.

Determine your top values, based on your experiences of happiness, pride and fulfillment (identified above). Rank your values, with the most important on top.

Then rate each value according to how much you are honoring the respective value in your life (1=honored completely; 10=not being honored right now). You can use this table if you wish.

Finally, ask yourself: What can I do to honor my values more? Here are some examples of values, please look at them only after you have identified your own 🙂

For children, use the words ‘most important’ instead of values.