Canteen – Payement 3rd Instalment and School Trip

Canteen – Payment 3rd Instalment

A second reminder was sent on April 16 for payment of the third instalment. In our system, we still have unpaid subscriptions. We are asking all parents whose children have subscribed to the canteen service and who have still not paid the third instalment to contact us via: or . If you haven’t received the email, it may be in your spam folder.

School Trip S4-S6 April 2024

We would like to ask all parents with children in S4-S6 participating in April’s School trip to contact us via . Following options can be selected:

  • By default, we transfer the amount to your bank account.
  • We can also transfer the amount to a badge/token of a child in our school.
  • We can proceed to a reduction of the amount to be paid for the 1st period of the 2024-2025 school year.

The amount will be calculated on the basis of subscriptions up to 22/04/2024.

The list of students who will not be taking part in the trip has been sent out by the secondary school secretary.