2/03 – Civil action to support peace in Europe

APEEE EEB4 backs the many peaceful initiatives now underway to support the Ukraine and the Ukranian people at this dark moment, and we will do our best to provide parents/families with details about these initiatives as we learn of them.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2 March, there will be a peaceful civil action taking place at Place Luxembourg from 12:30-13:30 organized and led in part by concerned parents and teachers of EEB2 Woluwe.


Here is the link to the event, if you or others you know wish to participate:

Feel free to join us during your lunch break at 12:30 on Wednesday March 2, 2022 at Place Luxembourg in Brussels. MEP’s will join us.

Feel free to bring the flag of your country.

Civil action to support peace in Europe : https://facebook.com/events/s/civil-action-to-support-peace-/4975926519159779/