What’s new in the canteen ?

Seats in the canteen

Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the canteen service has received several comments regarding the difficulties to access the level 3 (self-service). Since this situation comes from the organization of secondary students’ schedules, the canteen and the school are currently working together to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We would like to remind you that for security reasons, we cannot accept more students than the number of places available. A solution should be found for the beginning of November. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Products and prices at the cafeteria

Due to the increase in the costs of several ingredients, the prices of some products in the cafeteria have increased this year. The sharp increase in dairy products worldwide has led to an increase in the price of pasta: the pasta cone costs now 3,75€ instead of 3,50€. On the other hand, other products have seen their prices fall: the American sandwich is now at €3 (instead of €3.30) and waffles have gone from €2 to €1.50.

See cafeteria prices

A better diversity of drinks has also been offered and the canteen service has recently started working with a new supplier of bakery products, making it possible to offer students better quality bread and pastries.


Service improvement

We are pleased to announce that the cafeteria is expanding! In light of the cafeteria’s success in the R building since its opening in November 2016, the canteen manager has developed an original way for students to eat more quickly and easily: the Cargo Bike! Choose, pre-order and pick up your meal! This mobile cafeteria will be able to deliver to strategic points around the school, allowing students to optimize their lunch time.

Until the pre-order system is ready, this device is only reserved for students who have to go to a tutoring class or to their sports club during lunchtime for the moment. Stay informed by visiting our website regularly.