Transport / Wearing a face mask

We remind you that children who are not wearing masks are not allowed to board our buses, as is the case with Brussels public transport. 

Our bus monitors and drivers have told us that, since the start of the school year, some children are not wearing their face masks correctly or even have fun taking them off on the bus. 

From this Thursday 8 October 2020, when a student is not wearing his/her face mask correctly, he/she will be excluded from the transport service for one month, starting the day after the notification sent to the parents.

Wearing a face mask covering the nose and mouth is an important civic act to protect together against the spread of Covid-19. Moreover, it remains mandatory when safety distances cannot be guaranteed, which is the case in our buses. This is why it is very important that all pupils, whether in nursery, primary or secondary, wear their face masks correctly when getting on the bus, during the journey, and when getting off the bus, for obvious reasons as shown in the picture below.  

We would like to remind parents that it is important to show their children how to wear a mask. We reminded all our drivers and bus monitors of the importance of wearing their face masks. 

We invite you to prepare a spare mask to put in your child’s school bag for the return trip for preventive purposes.